Objectives + Concept

In January 2017, Sheridan faculty members Douglas Donald and Claire Ironside began to develop a proposal for a site-specific artwork for the Creativity Commons on the second floor of Hazel McCallion Campus’ new B-Wing.

They started by developing a list of objectives for the project to ensure that their proposal would respond to the unique character of the space and the wider Sheridan community.


  1. Design with a core team of students, faculty and staff from various programs with complementary skill sets (expand team during the design/fabrication process as necessary).
  2. Fabricate as much of the project as possible using Sheridan infrastructure and expertise.
  3. Conceptually and technologically bridge the analogue and digital to showcase Sheridan’s traditional and evolving nature, i.e.) “tradigital.”
  4. Be cost, time and resource effective, i.e.) conceptualize a method of representing the College/all disciplines without overly taxing students and faculty.
  5. Represent and connect entire Sheridan community.

Directed by these objectives, the Work in Progress team generated an initial concept.


  1. Sculpture composed of interconnected polygons. The number of polygons = the number of programs, degrees, diplomas and certificates at Sheridan.
  2. Sheridan brand pattern etched onto polygon surfaces.
  3. ‘Farkles’ at points of intersection.
  4. Truncation apertures (spaces between polygons) covered by orange acrylic.
  5. Sheridan branded platform with creativity quotations. Wheels on underside allow artwork to be moved when needed and re-registered to projectors upon return.
  6. Visual imagery mapped to surface (“creativity portal”) showcasing creative processes across Sheridan on an ongoing basis.

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