26 August –  13 December 2019
Hazel McCallion Campus B-Wing Gallery


What grounds us during a time of growing ecological anxiety, as well as accelerating social and technological change?

“Ground” can refer to the physical land below us, a basis for knowledge or belief, or the electrical connection of an object to the earth. The word holds a multiplicity of meanings – physical, biological, and psychological – that point to possible pathways for connection with ourselves and the world around us.

The artists in this exhibition, Melanie Billark, Jessica Karuhanga, and Scenocosme: Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt, explore the complex ways we relate to our environment and each other in a contemporary world. As we become increasingly immersed in a technologically mediated and urban reality, our means of engaging with the world around us continue to change. While this technology-driven transformation can lead to a sense of uncertainty or alienation, it can also create new, potentially more inclusive, opportunities for engagement. The garden of plants cultivated and cared for by Sheridan students, faculty, and staff this past summer, brought together with the work of Billark, Karuhanga, and Scenocosme, invite us to consider our relationship with nature and imagine how we might forge stronger bonds that root us to our environment and communities.

Ground and its programming are presented in collaboration with the Centre for Equity and Inclusion, Sheridan’s Art Hive Initiative, the Sheridan Student Union, Student Wellness and Counselling and The Centre for Student Success. This exhibition is supported in part by the Embassy of France and Artengine (Ottawa).