Meghan Ross’s Make Your Mark

26 August – 13 December 2019
Trafalgar Campus B-Wing Display

Make Your Mark, an installation by Canadian artist Meghan Ross, communicates both the diversity of and similarities between the people around us. With the use of simple materials – including white glue and clear tape – Ross invites participants to create impressions of their fingerprints, which are then brought together in the final design. In April 2019, members of the Sheridan community had the opportunity to make their own mark by contributing their fingerprint impressions to Ross’ installation. As a group, these impressions represent our community while, at the same time, celebrating our unique identities.

As we move through our environment and daily tasks at Sheridan, we may overlook the extraordinary people around us. Make Your Mark reminds the viewer to stop and consider the space around them as well as the vital ways each individual enriches our larger collective.

Aniça Latchman 

Aniça Latchman (Art & Art History, 2019) is the inaugural Student Curator for the Creative Campus Galleries’ Trafalgar Marketplace Gallery, which is a space dedicated to providing students with professional experience developing all aspects of an exhibition, from conception through to installation. Latchman curated this exhibition as part of the Sheridan-UTM Art & Art History program, which provided her the opportunity to undertake a semester-long internship with the Creative Campus Galleries in partial fulfillment of a Certificate of Curatorial Studies.