Your friends don’t say anything in your defence. You’re suddenly aware that they might have been wondering the same thing all along — maybe even talked about it behind your back? A sickening feeling sinks in as you realize that the incredible sense of empowerment and camaraderie you experienced today might have been a lie. Sensing your discomfort, your friend tells her coworker not to be a dick in a joke-y voice, and quickly changes the subject.

feminist extended

Artwork: Tara Krebs,You’ll Distract The Boys!”: A Choose-Your-Own Compendium of Female Existence, 2018. Books are available at the J-Wing Library. Installed as part of the exhibition Art & Storytelling: Speak Up! (Aug 27 – Dec 14, 2018). Learn more here.

This artwork discusses sensitive information about sexual assault and harassment that may bring up difficult feelings for some viewers.

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