Artwork by Tara Krebs, part of the exhibition Art & Storytelling: Speak Up!
This is an excerpt from her illustrated game book which addresses the influence of patriarchy on discourses around women.

hug extended

It’s the end of the work day at your new job, and you and your coworkers are spilling out of the boardroom after the world’s most boring meeting. One of your colleagues jokes that he needs a drink after that, and invites everyone out for beers. You’re grateful for the chance to socialize with others. There haven’t been many opportunities thus far, and you’ve been feeling like a bit of an outsider. You tell the group you’re in, but you just need to make a quick call to your girlfriend to let her know you’ll be home later than planned.

“You’re gay?” asks Brian from sales. You nod. “Oh, well that’s ok. I’m totally fine with that. I just had no idea because you don’t look like a lesbian.”

How do you respond?

Option A:
You inform Brian of his ignorance. Not all lesbians are “butch”, or whatever else he might be thinking.

Option B:
You pretend to laugh it off and get ready to head out. For one, you’re not really sure what to say, and secondly, you have to work with this person and don’t want things to be awkward.