Artwork by Tara Krebs, part of the exhibition Art & Storytelling: Speak Up!
This is an excerpt from her illustrated game book which addresses the influence of patriarchy on discourses around women. This work contains language that some may find upsetting.

feminist extended

You have just attended an empowering march, and are sharing a bite with friends before you part ways. As the three of you eagerly gobble your fry truck fare, you discuss what a moving and important experience this has been for you. One of your pals spots a couple of her work friends walking nearby, and calls them over to join you. You’re in the midst of describing some of the most positive highlights from the protest when one of the coworkers points to your hijab and asks how it’s possible to be a feminist if you’re Muslim.

How do you respond?

Option A:
You are speechless; too flustered to think of a coherent response.

Option B:
Through extensive practice over the years, you’ve taught yourself to bury your frustration toward comments like these. Although you know it’s not your job to educate people about your culture, you’ve learned to shift these moments into potential teaching opportunities.