You’ll Distract The Boys!

Tara Krebs’ illustrations are selections from her interactive book, “You’ll Distract the Boys,” which takes the form of the popular Choose-Your-Own-Adventure literary genre. Krebs invites readers to respond to situations that girls and women commonly encounter in North America. While the format is fictional, the stories may be all-too-real. Krebs writes, “A single ‘smile for me’ isn’t just that one demand. It’s all the others that came before it. It’s every ass-grab, every coercion, and every walk home. It’s every sexist comment, every parked van, and every ‘girl’s can’t.’ These experiences build up inside a woman, and are carried with her as she carries on toward her next encounter.” Much more than a book, this artwork is a pedagogical tool that seeks to inspire empathy and compassion in everyone who turns its pages. By acknowledging their diverse experiences, it promotes a sense of solidarity to women and girls. Please pick up a copy at the Library’s circulation desk.