Jeff Thomas’ Indians on Tour

22 January – 6 April 2018
Hazel McCallion Campus B-Wing Gallery

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Jeff Thomas’ photography is a study of contemporary and historical Indigeneity. The five images in this exhibition were selected from his larger series, Indians on Tour, which presents ‘Indian’ toy figures at popular sites in North America and Europe. The toys were a gift to the photographer from Ali Kazimi, whose film, Shooting Indians: A Journey with Jeffrey Thomas, documents Thomas’ artistic journey as well as Kazimi’s own unlearning of his preconceptions about Indigenous peoples.

The plastic toys featured in Indians on Tour reference the Cowboys-and-Indians narrative that was common in travelling vaudeville performances of the Wild West, Hollywood classics and childhood games. By posing them in front of key landscapes and monuments, Thomas reframes these stereotypical figures as tourists in their own right, not a spectacle to behold. His playful and provocative juxtapositions expose stereotypes of Indigenous peoples and, at the same time, highlight issues that impact contemporary communities such as land ownership and territory, urbanization and gentrification and histories of Euro-American representation and display.

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